Did you follow a pattern in the similar lacing in all the above Alberto Torresi shoes? These shoes are at the acme of men's formal shoes and are called Oxfords. They can be identified with their closed lacing. These shoes are also called "Balmorals" but not very popularly. These shoes are mostly used for formal occasions only. These are the no-nonsense shoes - perfect for tuxedos and formal suits. For all business and formal, white collar to wedding events, this shoe tops the list of formal shoes. A shiny oxford shoes comes in all colors, and various materials, one must ensure a stitch lacing and not a criss-cross lacing. The brogued oxfords, ie oxfords with thread decoration and patterns, is known as the queen of shoes. It is a perfect blend of formal shoe for important events like private functions or dates, it can also be a subtle addition to your everyday office wear.


Did you follow a pattern in the similar lacing in all the above Alberto Torresi shoes? These are called Derbys. The derby features an open lace, with eyelet tabs sewn on top of the upper flap which is a different part piece of material. Owing to the same reason they're considered to be less formal compared to Oxfords. The Derby comes across as a casual shoe and can be owned in various styles. It's your best choice for regular office wear, semi-formal to casual occasions. Wearing jeans and a blazer, or a tucked in a shirt, derbies are your companion. Due to its type of construction, it offers more movement and leg-space compared to the Oxford as the laces are a part of a different piece of material and not the shoe's body material in continuity. Brogued derbies may have fine decorations on the toe cap or sides and can be used for casual affairs.


Did you follow a pattern in the similar lacing in all the above Alberto Torresi shoes? These are called the famous Monk Strap Shoes owing to necessarily be laceless. They are tied using a buckle or two and straps, and hence the name. In the hierarchy of formal shoes, the Manic Strap comes second after Oxfords. Although it is also called the most versatile shoe, as it can be worn just right with casual attire as well. A monk strap shoe will help you get through the office and white-collar events as well as be a fashionable and unpopular choice for night or evening hangouts with friends and family. The Monk Strap is a must-have shoe due to the flexible range of teaming options it provides. Shop yours from Alberto Torresi at


Analyzing this 4th category of shoes is a complete no-brainer. As you have already guessed it correct, Loafers, need no introduction. However, people still remain skeptical about pairing up a loafer just right. The loafers can work fine for both a semi-formal and a casual outfit. You can wear a pair of loafers as your everyday office wear shoe, as well as it could be your classroom shoe. It caters both the dimensions very fashionably well. These laceless options are easy to wear and maintain In the hierarchy of formal shoes it lands the least compared to all other shoe types but still exists in the list of formal shoe options for men.


The final type of shoes need no guessing either - Boots. It is no wonder that these shoes were much lauded in the history from Queen Victoria to The Beatles, boots have emerged as a classic and are now worn all over the world. With the timeless look and construction of a boot, it is a perfect option for extended occasions from formal to casual being the ultimate all-rounder. You need to look out for the hallmarks of quality before you reach out your pocket. So if you are prepping for a rugged use and planning on investing in a pair of boots, you might want to leverage the quality of the boot in order to make it last a while worth the bucks you put in.